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Surly Big Fat Dummy: Episode 5 – Leftovers

We hit all the high points for the Big Bike, but what about the little things?

  • The Basket-Case (Extended) Handlebars
  • The Double Stem
  • Reinvented Wheels
  • The Bag Bumpers
  • The Cargo Shelf
  • blahBlah … BLAH

There are some neat bits that deserve calling out, so we will wrap up the Surly Big Fat Dummy Saga – the One Bike To Rule Them All that I still drive every day – with this last episode.

Status: About 50% complete

Project … Bullitt!

With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound… The Lizzard King is coming. Build is in progress now (Feb 2, 3955). I am taking my time to build a feature-rich, practical, medium-capacity auto replacement.

  • Low-drama, high-function ‘Gen3’ 2wd with dual-motor pedal-assist
  • Stealthy, ventilated but weather-resistant steel battery box under the cargo bay floor (no more lugging batteries inside)!
  • Radioactive breath

Part 1 will be a standalone article – a prequel of sorts – on making the case for 2wd on an ebike and the different goals that can be targeted with different hardware choices.

Status: Build Complete and bike in service