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updated: September 3, 2021

Cargo Bike Choice: Mid-Tail, Long-Tail or Frontloader (bakfiets)?

Having experienced all three of these styles of cargo bikes by building them and taking their capabilities to their respective extremes, if I could only have one, which would it be? Now that I have them all, which one(s) do I ride? Quirks of each? Caveats?

I never intended to be able to do a side by side comparison of these three types of bikes from personal experience but I’m there now so I may as well write it all up.

Status: Writing has begun. Publication in September/October 2021

How to Build an Ebike (from scratch!)

I’ve had some interesting conversations online with riders and potential builders who are put off by the sheer complexity of building a bike from the frame up. Those conversations take me back to my first build, and the trepidation I felt before I went ahead and just went for it. At the time, there was no how-to that laid out the entire process, start-to-finish.

So lets change that. Lets pick out a frame, a drivetrain, wheels and so on. Lets include a parts list that includes everything right down to the cable ferrules (and explain what a ferrule is while we’re at it).

Given the level of detail here, this is not going to be a single article. Tentative structure:

  • Step 1: Plan the Build (parts list with costs)
  • Step 2: Find And Prep Your Frame
  • Step 3: Order Your Parts (in a world with chronic shortage and delay)
  • Step 4: Plan your Construction Phase (do what you can while waiting)
  • Step 5: Do I have the tools I need (uh… what tools do I need)?
  • Step 6: Start Building It.
  • Step 7: Test it and Ride It
  • Step 8: Fix What You Guessed Wrong On (gears, typically)

Rather than actually building a bike from scratch, which would be rather expensive (especially since I already have a garage full with The Pacific Fleet), I think I will just do a virtual build of a simple, non-AWD bike. Probably I will be using the Stormtrooper for my example.

Status: background work completed (ish): I may start this with the series opener before finishing the cargo bike comparison. Publication likely begins September/October 2021