Recent Updates

I update previously published posts from time to time. I’ll use this page to document when and where those updates occur.

  • 2022 Jul 2 – Added a Link to Part 2 at the bottom of LED Strip Lights – Quick and Easy.
  • 2022 Jun 29 – Shortened up the opening teaser to How To Ride A Mid Drive Ebike Without Breaking It.
  • 2022 Jun 24 – Added the long-overdue Long Term Conclusion section to the bottom of Bafang Mid Motor: Multiple Speed Magnets and made minor revisions to the text to reflect those conclusions.
  • 2022 Jun 19 – Revised A Backpack Ebike Battery… Are You Insane?!? by finally adding in the promised additional pictures of the pack, along with a little more explanation now that you can actually see some of the components that were heretofore invisible.
  • 2022 Jun 18 – added some more info on a feature found in Wera hex wrenches in How To Build An Ebike From Scratch: Tools List.
  • 2022 Jun 18 – The Random Gallery was converted from a 2-column (kinda sloppy) single image dump to a WordPress Tiled Image block, for a much tidier appearance and a bit easier image management over time.
  • 2022 Jun 18 – The home page for the blog is now a short introductory paragraph with excerpts of the latest posts shown on the home page. Should load much more quickly than the old, traditional blog style and show off more content at first glance without scrolling.
  • 2022 Jun 17 – Updated the intro to How To Build An Ebike From Scratch as it referred to the series publication in the future tense. Since its now all written up, some changes needed to be made.
  • 2022 Jun 16 – Pared away about 200 words in How To Build An Ebike From Scratch – Tools List. That post was written first before all of the assembly posts in the series. Things I wrote about the use of some tools were put into those assembly-day posts, work better there and do not need to be repeated.
  • 2022 Jun 12 – Updated this page 😀
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