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My name is Matt Robertson (m@Robertson… get it?) and my place of business is Leland-West Insurance Brokers, Inc.  We provide classic car insurance to automotive enthusiasts all across these United States.  We cater not only to the older classics, but also to brand-spanking new exotics, as well as the bane of most insurance companies’ existence: the highly modified auto.

I’m also an avid auto enthusiast, talking the talk, and for a time walking the walk on any road course/race track that would have me here in the Western U.S.; California in particular.  I often described my fixation with weekend racing as “the most financially unsound decision I have ever made in my life.”

It was a damn money pit if there ever was one, but I don’t regret one minute of it.  In fact, as soon as work and time permits, I’ll get back into it.

But in the meantime… I rediscovered cycling was open to me again despite some cardiac issues thanks to the ‘e’ in ‘ebikes’.  I got back into riding as well as and especially building bikes again.

Its an open question whether the bike or the fresh butter croissant from Pavel’s is the story here

I also spend nowhere near as much time as I would like competing in long range shooting events.  At the moment my schedule only allows me to participate at a local CMP club level with the San Jose Zouaves.  But I’m looking forward to restarting medium to long range High Power shooting … this winter (2019), with any luck (Update:  Now that its 2021 we all saw how well that plan worked out)

three nines… gaaaaaah!

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  1. Crazy. I too endulged in auto racing, mainly SCCA, rediscovered my love for bicycles (have quite a few eclectic ones), and am a competitive shooter.

  2. Love all the work you did, but the voltage range for a lion battery is incorrect, therefore all the charts (on the discharged side.)

    1. Strictly speaking, a cell can have a minimum voltage as low as 2.5v. I assume thats what you are getting at. Its customary to use 3v as minimum SOC on a cell when speaking generally. As noted those charts are all general in nature and if someone wants to get really specific there is a link on each chart for that. But going there is academic knowledge that is generally useless in the real world. A Samsung 25R will go down to 2.5v, So a 0% SOC is 32.5v on a 13S/48v system. Have fun getting anything but a high end controller to accept a 32.5v LVC. And if you can, you will next have to get past the BMS (unless you are building your own packs and can set the BMS yourself). Both of those are likely to be doing a cutoff at about 40v. On the other hand, using 3.0v means you have results that are cromulant with mainstream controller and BMS programming.

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