About Me

My name is Matt Robertson (m@Robertson… get it?) and my place of business is Leland-West Insurance Brokers, Inc.  We provide classic car insurance to automotive enthusiasts all across these United States.  We cater not only to the older classics, but also to brand-spanking new exotics, as well as the bane of most insurance companies’ existence: the highly modified auto.

I’m also an avid auto enthusiast, talking the talk, and for a time walking the walk on any road course/race track that would have me here in the Western U.S.; California in particular.  I often described my fixation with weekend racing as “the most financially unsound decision I have ever made in my life.”

It was a damn money pit if there ever was one, but I don’t regret one minute of it.  In fact, as soon as work and time permits, I’ll get back into it.

But in the meantime… I rediscovered cycling was open to me again despite some cardiac issues thanks to the ‘e’ in ‘ebikes’.  I got back into riding as well as and especially building bikes again.

Its an open question whether the bike or the fresh butter croissant from Pavel’s is the story here

I also spend nowhere near as much time as I would like competing in long range shooting events.  At the moment my schedule only allows me to participate at a local CMP club level with the San Jose Zouaves.  But I’m looking forward to restarting medium to long range High Power shooting … this winter (2019), with any luck (Update:  Now that its 2021 we all saw how well that plan worked out)

three nines… gaaaaaah!

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